The Story

Wes has the unmistakable–and very Western–touch of its producer, Michael Sanchez (Deep Forest), but at its heart is the inherently African outlook of Cameroonian Wes Welenga. His songs, delivered in a soulful, often falsetto, voice, deal with childhood, the fragility of man, respect for elders, universal consciousness, religion, and matters of the heart. Combining a highly textured orchestration with traditional instruments, synthesizers, and rock guitars, Wes treads a path that weaves between Western pop charts and the Bantou villages of his upbringing, his songs never losing sight of his traditions. Musically, moments of exquisite beauty rub shoulders with beats straight from the dance floor with Wes’s lyrical vocals, punctuated with the occasional Pygmy and South African-style choruses. It all makes for a sonic cross-cultural experience with wide appeal. –Derek Rath

Behind the Scene